All events take place in Building 65, Humanities, Avenue Campus, with sessions taking place in lecture theatre B (unless otherwise stated).

Friday 27th June

10.00              Registration opens, coffee and pastries will be served.

11.00              Introduction to the symposium

 Session 1 – Narratives and Biographies of Buildings (chair: Danae Tankard)

 Long papers

11.10              Richard Newman

11.35              Timur Tatlioglu

Short Papers & Panel Discussion

12.10              Richard Nevell

12.20              Matthew Jenkins

12.20              Christopher King

12.30              Discussion


13.10              Lunch


Session 2 – Sex, Death and Madness (chair: Yvonne Marshall)

Long papers

14.05              Louise Fowler and Natasha Powers

14.30              Philip Hoare


14.55              Coffee Break


Short Papers and Panel Discussion

15.15              Katherine Fennelly

15.25              Charlotte Newman

15.35              John Walter

15.45              Discussion


16.15              End of sessions


18.00              Reconvene at Westgate Hall: wine and cheese will be served

18.30              Keynote address by Kate Giles

20.30              Dinner at Red Lion (optional, not included in registration fee)



Saturday 28th June

8.45                 Registration opens, coffee and pastries will be served

9.30                 Introduction to the second day

Session 3 – Cosmology & religious experience (chair: Louise Revell)

Long papers

9.35               Perette Michelli

10.00              Joanna Peace

10.25              Christopher Poulson


10.50              Coffee break


Session 4 – Buildings and the Senses (chair: Christopher Woolgar)

Short Papers & Panel Discussion

11.10              Jasmine Kilburn-Toppin

11.20              Kate Baker and Belinda Mitchell

11.30              Richard McClary

11.40              Discussion


 12.10              Lunch


Session 5 – Objects and Buildings (chair: Duncan Brown)

Long papers

13.05              Niklas Eriksson

13.30              Julian Bowsher


Short Papers & Panel Discussion

13.55              Ruth Nugent

14.05              Jude Jones

14.15              Freya Massey

14.25              Scott Miller

14.35              Discussion


15.05              Coffee Break


Session 6 – New approaches to buildings (chair: Matthew Harrison)

Long papers

15.25              Matthew Johnson

15.50              Gareth Beale and Nicole Beale


Short Papers and Panel Discussion

16.15              Antony Buxton

16.25              Louisa Minkin

16.35              Catriona Cooper

16.45              Discussion


17.15            End of Sessions


17.30              Endnote: David Hinton

18.00              End of symposium



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