Buildings and the Body is an interdisciplinary symposium exploring living and building in the medieval and early modern world. This symposium is a response to the new found focus of medieval and early modern academics in the materiality of buildings and their social biographies. The wide time frame considered by this symposium is aimed at encouraging a rich diversity of viewpoints for discussion, illustration and comparison and thus we welcome early medievalistsā€™ participation through to that of scholars of the 18th century. In particular we are seeking papers which build on recent research or introduce new conceptual ways of viewing the building and its relationship to the body.

In order to create an exciting and inclusive forum for discussion we are inviting submissions from the widest possible range of interdisciplinary and practice-based fields. We are therefore aiming to promote the work undertaken by the commercial and heritage sectors alongsideĀ  contributions from the various related traditional academic disciplines from the Humanities and Sciences. Importantly, we would also like to encourage a full range of delegates to attend from undergraduates and local societies to interested members of the public.

The symposium will take place between 27th – 28th June 2014 at the University of Southampton. It is co-ordinated by members of the Faculty of Humanities in association with the Centre of Medieval and Renaissance Culture.

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